Techniques and Services

Custom, Commissioned Art


Twist designs occasionally has limited pieces ready for sale. Largely, each project is requested or commissioned.  It's rare to find a piece of art that is the right size, color, content etc. So this is your chance to have a piece made specially for you or your business. The studio by appointment only. Please call or email with your ideas.  Site visits can be requested. We can't wait to see what we'll have the pleasure to build next ! It's completely up to you .....

Let The Process Begin


Every project starts with you and a conversation with our artist.  We want to know roughly what you have in mind, is it a window or door insert? A painting, cabinet inserts? A shower door, lighting... etc.  You can have as much input as you wish. It's a fun creative process. You don't have to be artistic. We can ask questions to get you thinking and take your information and show you various ideas and approaches for your project. Because there are many options we can tailor the budget as needed.  Many people have been surprized at how affordable their project was.  Emails with site photo, inspiration photos etc and approx dimensions are a great place to begin. Most projects range from 3-8 weeks but can vary due to work load or the complexity of the request.

Installation, delivery templates


Twist is available to measure or make templates for installation of your  project and to install it as well. If you would like to do this part youself you certainly can. It can offer a cost savings and we're happy to explain what information will be needed and offer tips for handling and securing your project. Delivery, crating and shipping is available when needed. 

Traditional Stained glass/ Leaded Glass/ Stained Glass Overlay


We offer Traditional stained glass or leaded glass. This means color or patterned clear glass is cut and assembled with lead - like a puzzle. Stained glass overlay ( as shown in photo)  is mylar films, SGO, and lead applied to one piece of glass. the glass is like a cavas. It looks great on both sides. SGO is more cost effective and more flexible in the types of shapes that can be created. It can also be applied to mirror and tempered or laminated glass for safety. It can even be applied onto a shower door! 

Sand blasted glass ( Etched Glass)


We offer sandblasted glass - it's pressurized sand used similar to an airbrush. It has a similar look to etched glass , we mention this as it's what some people refer to. Etching is done with Chemicals - that's not our process- . Sandblasting can be very detailed or very simple, it's colorless but it can be combined with paint or other techniques.  It cannot be done on site. It can carve into the depth of the glass to give shallow releaf. It can be shaded to show gradations of clear to frosty shapes. It can range from 100% coverage to fully clear.  It can be applied to clear or color glass, or mirror or textured glass. It can also be applied to tempered or laminated glass for safety. It combines well with stained glass overlay and other combination techniques. This is a great source for sandblasted glass in Calgary area

Kiln formed glass and paintings

kiln formed, sandblasted, glass mounted on a living edge slab of Canadian maple  and LED lighting

Kiln formed glass is heat treated glass. We can fuse, slump and cast glass into shapes. It can produce details that can be included in combination pieces as well.  There are many example images avialble on request.  Axrylic, fine art paintings are availble to commission as well.  Size, subject matter, sky is the limit. Watercolor is also available