How to start

We're ready to build you something wonderful

Bring your creativity or leave it to us. Is there is window in your house or door that you've always wanted to fill with special art glass or a painting to fill a special space that will make you smile each time you pass by. this is a chance to create a meaningful custom piece of art.  You may have a photo of a thing of place that is meaningful to you, show us.  You may have several ideas and not sure how to put them together, that's ok too, that's our strength to help put it all together. Send an email or call and a conversation can start the process.

What inspires you? We can help you define it. Do have places in your home that need your unique touch?

Its a fun process and once we've completed one project , be careful you might be inspired to try another... 

Twist Design's artist has been creating custom art for clients for over 23 years

Art Glass can be more affordable that you might guess.  We can offer you several options for your project so you can determine the budget and we promise to stick to it. You don't have to be an artist yourself . 

Many times, I have been asked, as an artist ,what is your process?  It's not an easy question to answer but I will try.  As as a Calgary artist creating stained glass in Calgary area, I listen. The majority of my work is commissioned so I listen and interpret and offer ideas until I have made a connection with my client. From there they can see that I understand their taste, goals, personality and budget. An idea can start with a photo from a client , or just brainstorming and sketching. Following that are emails and perhaps a  site visit. Once the design is finalized on paper it may be followed by samples and then it starts into production. This page will show you some projects from start to finish. I hope you enjoy a bit of a behind the scene look at the process. ~but I hope we can inspire you. 

The New Studio

Work in Progress


fall of 2018 the new studio started coming together. With loads of natural light and space to move and store materials it was really excitin

It Begins


The first table was moved in - and I hit the ground running, each day involved some set up and some work on projects- it will be ongoing ~always ~

The Current Work Space


It didn't take too long to get all of the materials and tables set up into full motion. The studio is an ever changing,  creative space

Help and Support


This work cannot be accomplished with out the amazing hard work of family. I am so appreciative and grateful for my family - of course not everyone is represented in this photo - you know who you are : ) 

Roll up your sleeves


I have to  be a part of as many aspects of the company possible. This is my face after priming the ceiling . 

Joy in the work


Now the real work begins- the creative process unfolds ......